Ultrasonic scarers for pets (dogs and cats) against ticks and fleas - Indoor and for 240V



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Ultrasonic repellers that ensure your pet remains protected from ticks and lice, even if it is not directly wearing an ultrasonic repeller

Plug the unit into the outlet and it will disrupt ticks and fleas in any environment where it is installed, covering a space as large as 30 square meters.

The device emits ultrasonic waves that are harmless to humans and pets - and cannot be heard by either humans or pets.

  • It is non-toxic and does not use or release any chemicals or odors, making it safe to use even for young, elderly, sick or pregnant pets
  • Covers approx. 30 sq m
  • No odors and fragrances
  • Preventive solution - so clean both the dog/cat basket and the animal before installation
  • Plug into the socket near the dog/cat basket - REMEMBER it must not be covered as this interferes with the propagation of the ultrasound waves
  • Blue light on the scarer indicates that it is on and working

REMEMBER we also carry scarers to wear - both for people and animals, just as we also have ultrasonic scarers against mice, rats and martens.